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Issued by the Quorum Court

of Van Buren County


All files are in Acrobat Reader (PDF) format.

Ordinances and Resolutions for 08/15/2019 have been archived, see below for Archives)

2016-01 Voluntary 1 Mill Personal Property Tax

2016-02 Amend 2015-39 Sheriff’s Office Vehicles

2016-03 Amend 2015-39 Solid Waste

2016-04 Change County Office Hours

2016-05 Detention Center

2016-06 2015 Cleanup

2016-07 Authorize Wages

2016-08 Nursing Program Expense Fund

2016-09 Nursing Program Appropriation

2016-10 Nursing Program Telephone/Internet

2016-11 Amend Ozark Health Lease

2016-12 Nursing Program Simulation Center Fund

2016-13 Nursing Program Equipment Fund

2016-14 Handgun Carry Rules for County Employees

2016-15 Appropriation for Circuit Clerk Office Mileage

2016-16 Appropriation for Sheriff’s Office Vehicles

2016-17 Appropriation Safety/Maint Reimbursement for UACCM Expenses

2016-18 Appropriation USDA Library Grant Fund

2016-19 Revised County Personnel Policy Approval

2016-20 Establish Weight Limits and Penalties on County Roads

2016-21 Appropriation Sheriff Dept

2016-22 Appropriation 911 Reimbursement

2016-23 Appropriation Detention Center Budget

2016-24 Appropriation Detention Center Salaries

2016-25 Appropriation Animal Shelter “Go Fund Me”

2016-26 Appropriation Court Security Grant

2016-27 Repeal 2016-20 Weight Limits

2016-28 Appropriation Culpepper VFD

2016-29 Appropriation SO Repairs

2016-30 Appropriation Choctaw VFD

2016-31 Levy Fire Dues

2016-32 Appropriation Solid Waste & County Roads

2016-33 Appropriation Collector’s Office

2016-34 Appropriation District Court

2016-35 Appropriation for Solid Waste/Recycling Tipping Fees

2016-36 Appropriation to Collector’s Automation Fund

2016-37 Appropriation Correction Solid Waste & Safety

2016-38 Appropriation Correction Road Dept & Stop Light Maintenance

2016-39 Appropriation for the Detention Center from a Refund

2016-40 Appropriation from Floodplain to 911

2016-41 2017 Tax Collection Approval

2016-42 DWI Team Travel Grant Reimbursement

2016-43 Appropriate Refund into Detention Center Budget

2016-44 Appropriate from Circuit Court to Court Security

2016-45 Circuit Clerk Responsible for District Court Fines

2016-46 Sheriff Responsible for Circuit Court Criminal Case Fines

2016-47 Circuit Clerk Responsible for Circuit Court Civil Case Fines

2016-48 Establish Tax for Producing Minerals Line Item

2016-49 Approp to Jail Maint Fund

2016-50 Temporarily Ammend Personnel Policy PTO for 2017

2016-51 County ceases Animal Shelter Operations due to Lack of Funding

2016-52 2017 Operating Budget

2016-53 Approp Solid Waste/Safety & Building Maint a White River Grant (Heating)

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