Photo Opportunities

What is the newest idea that our group has decided to adopt as another County project? Photo Opportunities! What are photo opportunities? We are encouraging local business owners to create something at their business that would cause our visitors to pull over and want to get their “selfie shots”. Each one of these locations must be approved by the Board first and then we will add a photo of your “photo opportunity” to our gallery of destinations within the county. There are already a few great spots that visitors are drawn to get their selfies in front of! We hope to discover more and encourage you if you are a business owner to participate in this fun project that will obviously draw customers to your business. It doesn’t have to be a costly photo op! At the gates of Fairfield Bay Community, the iconic blue and green giant chairs have always been a stop for every visitor visiting the Bay! Let’s work together and get the visitors on a Journey to Photo Ops!

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