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First on the agenda for the marketing team of Uncommon Communities was to purchase a billboard south of Clinton that would lead our tourists to our new website that is being designed for the County by Ancil Lea and Associates. We are designing a new billboard with each season that passes and hopes it will direct them to this new website called It’s release is in the works and will be published soon. We hope this fresh, new and simple look will not only be attractive to tourists, but will help our locals navigate easily to the information they are looking for. We are excited about this new marketing tool that will grab the attention of all who travel on Hwy 65!

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    Rebecca Shannon

    I am not impressed with the landscape on the above banner/ billboard. There are much more beautiful places in our county to use. Can you give us a location in VBC where this photo was taken? It is very confusing to many who are asking to find it. It this photo even in VBC or is it a compilation of photos from other areas. Becky Shannon

    1. Sean Sikes

      Hi Rebecca Shannon. Thank you so much for your opinion on the photo. Are you satisfied with the message? I Sean Sikes, was the one who used this photo for the “background” to the message. My intent was to grab a passerby “tourists” attention to the message and “drive them to the County’s new webpage (where all the photos that exist are of actual photos of Van Buren County) Our Spring billboard wrap, was an actual drone 4K shot of many boats in the cove on Memorial Day, which I hope you would approve of. It is actually my favorite of the two..of course there was the message with the lion, Santa, and a few others. At the time I made the wrap, I did not have a photo “large enough” to use , so I chose a stock photo that was second choice. I feel the message still gets across to those passing tourists and directs them to each community’s web page (where no stock photos exist) I respect everyone who has an opinion! As matter of fact, I agree that if I had a drone shot with high resolution of our beautiful area with the proper ownership rights, it would have been ideal. As I move forward with the design of these billboards that are to promote the entire County, I will definitely take everyone’s ideas into consideration. Thank you for caring about our community! If you or anyone have high resolution photos that you would like to give to our Board to use and it matches our agendas, please feel free to contact me at anytime! Also, our board is and always will be completely transparent on our ideas to move the county forward! Questions and comments are always welcome.

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