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The Van Buren County Office of Emergency Management

The Van Buren County Office of Emergency Management is responsible for planning and helping lead the responses to natural disasters and other emergencies. We coordinate directly with the Van Buren County Judge’s Office, our Volunteer Fire Departments, the Van Buren County Rescue Squad, The Fairfield Bay Office of Emergency Services, our municipalities, churches, nonprofits, private companies, and the public to develop effective plans that minimize damage and disruptions during an emergency.


The Van Buren County Office of Emergency Management

  • Assess hazards and prepare plans to respond to emergencies and disasters to minimize risk to people and property.
  • Meet with public safety officials, private companies, and the public regarding emergency response plans.
  • Organize emergency response training for staff, volunteers, and other responders.
  • Coordinate the sharing of resources and equipment within and across communities to assist in responding to an emergency.
  • Analyze and prepare damage assessments following disasters or emergencies.
  • Review emergency plans of individual organizations, such as medical facilities, to ensure their adequacy.
  • Apply for federal funding for emergency management planning, responses, and recovery, and report on the use of funds allocated.
  • Review local emergency operations plans and revise them if necessary.
  • Maintain facilities used during emergency operations.

To develop emergency response plans, we research “best practices” from around the country and from other emergency management agencies and prepare plans and procedures that meet local, state, and federal regulations. The Van Buren County Office of Emergency Management analyzes the resources, equipment, and staff available to respond to emergencies.

During an emergency, coordinating directly with Van Buren County Rescue Squad, Fairfield Bay Office of Emergency Services, and the Fire Departments, we may jointly maintain a command center at which teams monitor and manage the emergency operations. The command center is the hub where responses are prioritized. These actions may include ordering evacuations, conducting rescue missions, or coordinating with community volunteers who operate public shelters for those displaced by the emergency. Public Information Officers, working with Incident Command, may need to conduct press conferences or other outreach activities to keep the public informed about the emergency.

The Van Buren County Office of Emergency Management assesses damage to our community during crisis and coordinates getting any needed assistance and supplies into the community.

There may be a need to request state or federal assistance to help execute our emergency response plan and provide support to affected citizens, organizations, and communities. At those moments, we may reach out to the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, ADEM to request additional resources.

We periodically revise our plans and procedures to better prepare for future emergencies or disasters.

Questions or comments may be directed to OEM Director

  • (501) 253-8293
  • Warren Johnson

Special appreciation to the volunteer OEM deputies representing the following agencies who work directly in planning, preparedness, and coordination with the Office of Emergency Management in Van Buren County.

  • Beverly Wynot, Fairfield Bay Fire and Rescue
  • Brian Tatum, Culpepper Fire Department, Van Buren County Rescue Squad
  • Doni Hovick, Fairfield Bay Fire Department, Rescue and OES.
  • Joe Tsosie, Van Buren County Coroner
  • Joey Weaver, Choctaw Fire Department, Van Buren County Rescue Squad, Chaplain’s Association
  • Ken Brown, Choctaw Fire Department, Administrative Assistant, Chaplain’s Association
  • Randy Ward, Van Buren County Road Department, Walnut Grove Fire Department
  • Tommy Davis, Bee Branch Fire Department

Special Appreciation to the Van Buren County Fire Chiefs Association,  Rescue Squad, and Volunteer Fire Departments.


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